Artist Statement

These threadpaintings depict rural locations near Dallas.  As a native Texan, I am inspired by the environment of my home state. I am continually fascinated by the countless changes that I see season to season, day to day, and even hour by hour. When visiting these locales, a sense of peace, rest, and renewal encompasses my mind. I enjoy walking through parks, fields, and woods, photographing the beauty I discover. Using these photographs and my memories of these scenes, I create landscapes out of thread and fabric.

Like growth in nature itself, my work takes significant time, energy, and labor to create. Usually I produce only a few paintings per month.  The process begins with dyeing cotton fabric for sky and land, followed by many hours of sewing straight and zigzag stitches using a sewing machine.  Threads are changed frequently to add color and tone to the image.  To contrast the threadwork, loose wool, dyed ribbons, or tulle are incorporated.  French knots and straight stitches are hand embroidered to add more detail.  I enjoy the slow, repetitive stitching in my work.  The process creates a sense of calm analogous to the quietness and beauty I experience within these places.