Artist Statement

The threadpaintings in Home illustrate rural landscapes within 50 miles of my hometown in Northeast Texas. After a 13-year absence from this area, I have recently spent Saturday mornings photographing the region’s landscape. Photographs taken while driving down dirt roads serve as the starting point for watercolor sketches. Based on the sketch, I dye cotton muslin for the sky and background. The grasses and trees are formed through free motion machine embroidery and through hand stitching.

I also associate home with sewing and cloth. My mother made beautiful dresses for me. My grandmother had her own alteration business. Aunts quilted blankets, upholstered chairs, and sewed curtains. Cloth and fiber symbolize maternal comfort and safety. I combine the nurturing feeling of fiber with painting to create textured landscapes. The use of thread and needle forces the work to progress more slowly than if the landscapes were rendered in paint. The more deliberate process echoes the quietness I associate with these places.