2021 Zion National Park

As Artist-in-Residence during February 2021 I had the amazing opportunity of living and making art in Zion National Park.  I spent the majority of my time hiking and exploring the park with my camera and sketchbook and recording the light and shadows that illuminate the beauty of Zion.  After my residency, I spent 9 months creating several threadpaintings based on my experiences.  Using my sewing machine as a paintbrush and threads as paint, I created several landscapes.  The process is slow and sometimes tedious, but like the hike to Angel’s Landing, the creative journey and results are rewarding.

Threadpainting, as a medium, echoes the strength and fragility of the earth. Both fabric and our environment exist to bring comfort to us. Cloth covers in warmth while the land brings sustenance. Both are durable. Cloth and fabric can last through many wears and washes, and the land endures many of the hardships. And yet, both cloth and land are fragile and easily bear the imprint of our presence. The cloth I use in my work easily stains, and Zion is easily tarnished by visitor misuse.  Though made with perishable materials, I hope my work gives glimpses of the beauty and joy I found in Zion.

This work will be exhibited and available for purchase at Craighead Green Gallery February 19 – March 26, 2022.

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