2020 Autumn in the Guadalupe Mountains

The idea for this exhibition began as I walked many colorful trails in the Guadalupe Mountains during the first week of November 2019. The Guadalupe Mountain range is protected and open to visitors in two national parks: Guadalupe Mountains in west Texas and Carlsbad Caverns in southeastern New Mexico. My trip coincided with the peak fall colors of the maple and oak trees. Known as a sky island, the geography and climate of the Guadalupes form several distinct habitats within the surrounding Chihuahuan desert and create the bewildering experience of seeing autumnal reds and oranges next to the dusty-browns and grey-greens of the desert. From the salt basin dunes in the west to the coniferous forests within the peaks, the Guadalupe Mountains are a vast feast of artistic inspiration.

This work will be shown at Craighead Green Gallery 10 October – 14 November 2020.

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